Best Buy taking 20% off all iTunes gift cards today

best buy itunes gift card

Believe it or not, Christmas is this Tuesday, meaning you have less than 72 hours to finish up your last-minute holiday shopping. Unfortunately, it’s too late to order gifts like the iPad mini or iPhone 5, as they won’t ship on time.

But there’s still plenty of time, though, to pick up an iTunes gift card. And wouldn’t you know it, national electronics retailer Best Buy is having a sale on them today, knocking 20% off all denominations between $15 and $100…

As noted by 9to5Mac, Best Buy is taking 20% off its entire selection of physical iTunes gift cards today, including the handy 3 pack of $10 cards. It’s not a substantial savings at the lower end, but it knocks $20 off the $100 card.

Here’s a full list of the discounted pricing:

  • $15 gift card – $12
  • $25 gift card – $20
  • $30 3 card pack – $24
  • $50 gift card – $40
  • $100 gift card – $80

The iTunes gift card made our iDB holiday gift guide thanks to their versatility. As noted above, they can be purchased in several denominations, and can be used to purchase apps, books, music, movies and TV shows from Apple’s ecosystem.

It sounds like the deal is ending at the end of the day, and since its in-store only, you’ll either have to order online and select the ship-to-store option, or go physically go into your local Best Buy and have them price match the offer.