iTunes Gift Cards now available in custom $15-$500 denominations

This is interesting. If a new report is anything to go by, Apple has added an interesting option for retailers carrying physical iTunes Gift Cards. As you know, iTunes Gift Cards are normally offered in $15, 25, $50 or $100 denominations. The new cards provide for custom denominations ranging from $15 to $500.

These give customers a much-needed flexibility to load their iTunes account with a custom credit of their choosing rather than having to choose between Apple’s four preloaded amounts. Apparently one supermarket chain and at least one retailer are rolling these out as we speak…

Seth Weintraub, who runs 9to5 sites, has the story:

You take these cards to the cashier and choose how much to put on them. When the cashier validates the card, the amount paid is tied to the number/code.

Hearing that at least one supermarket chain and one retailer are putting these on the shelves today.

And if you have iTunes 11, you can redeem the card just by holding it up to your Mac’s FaceTime camera.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the online Apple Store plans on selling these. The report only notes that the new cards are rolling out to some third-party retailers.

Apple’s gift cards for hardware have always been offered in custom denominations so it was about the time the company introduced variable-cost gift cards for digital iTunes purchases.

Better late than never, if you ask me.

What I’d like to see is a digital variable-cost iTunes Gift Card that could be bought online, from the comfort of my home. Just take my money and send me a code via email.