Apple TV launches in India

apple tv ui

Apple’s handset sales in India have quadrupled and now the company has expanded its presence in the 1.25 billion people market by launching its third-generation Apple TV for Rs. 7,900, or about $150. The set-top box costs $99 in the United States, but Apple’s products typically command a premium in BRIC countries due to high import taxes and VAT.

After launching the iPhone 5 in India in November 2012, and as a prelude to today’s Apple TV launch, Apple in December 2012 officially launched the iTunes Store in 56 new countries, including India…

Surprisingly enough, Apple PR did not issue a press release announcing the news, but BGR India was able to spot the new Apple TV product page on Apple’s India web site which includes graphics advertising Bollywood movies on the India iTunes Store.

The App Store and iTunes Store now allow India’s consumers to buy iOS apps, movies, music and television shows with the local rupee, rather than only U.S. dollars.

An Apple India representative told ThinkDigit that the company is currently looking to add local content streaming services like it recently did in Germany, by partnering with Indian content providers. The publication names numerous other HD media players in India, including Asus’ O! Play Mini, Amkette’s Flash TV HD and the WD Live HD.

We still have no word on Apple Stores that have long been rumored to arrive in India.

Last we heard, Apple was stuck in negotiations with local authorities over sales policy because up until recently, local governments in the country didn’t allow foreign companies to fully own and operate single-brand retail stores within India’s borders.