CES Unveiled: some new products we like

CES 2013

Last night, CES opened to members of the press with Unveiled to highlight many of the design award honorees and new tech that will be featured across the upcoming show, which starts tomorrow. I was on hand looking for new iOS compatible or Apple accessory products geared toward iOS devices. Check inside for a few of the products I stumbled upon…


After seeing all of the vendors, I was most impressed with Delphi, which announced two new products for 2013. First is the wireless charging system that can be integrated with a car dashboard or center console. Using Resonance charging technology, the phone needs to be in relative proximity to the sensors but requires no direct touch or external cases. Consequently, the device will charge as you drive without fumbling with annoying wires or cigarette lighter accessories.

Delphi Wireless Charging

Second, an active human-machine interface (HMI) that gathers information from a car-to-cloud and cloud-to-car devices installed by the consumer within the vehicle was announced. This service will be subscription based with Verizon wireless for an unannounced price, which is controlled by Verizon. Through an app for iPhone or Android devices, it will read system diagnostic information such as engine status and tire pressure. Additionally, the app provides the ability to remote start the vehicle, control the AC/Heat units, and lock or unlock the car. If you are interested in tracking children, or a spouse, the app will allow the user to set a geofence to specific areas, giving a pop-up notification when it is breached. Aggressive speed increases and decreases are also optionally monitored.



In the connected home category, Belkin was present with another addition to their WeMo system. This system allows control of certain hardware devices around the home with minimal installation. Currently, the system provides hardware for WiFi controlled outlets and motion detectors. Launching in 2013 will be a WiFi enabled wall panel light switch. The switch will still offer tactile hardware control but also connect to the user’s home WiFi router for control through the appropriate app. A perfect way to hit the lights without getting out of bed.


In the case category, Unu is releasing the Endliss Hybrid Battery Case, an LED battery powered case which is a Q1 hopeful. The case has a built in LED screen on the back, which uses Bluetooth 4.0 to receive information about incoming calls, texts, Facebook messages, or tweets. It will be touch sensitive to allow user manipulation and the goal is to release with a stock set of LED images, then slowly release new options. Ultimately, the user will be able to create their own images by drawing/touching the back of the screen and saving their own options. The case has its own power supply but, in a pinch, the power supply can be drained into your iPhone, should it need a charge. However, it does not charge from the iPhone, as it is charged via mini USB.


Another interesting case is the touch sensitive Sensus by Canopy, which we covered in a previous article. Microprocessors are built into the back and right side of the case to allow manipulation of on screen items. Sensus is powered by the iPhone but allegedly drains the battery less than any other connected Bluetooth device. It is being marketed primarily as a gaming option to keep fingers off the screen, freeing up valuable viewing area. It will hit the market sometime this year with a price range between $59-$99.

Stay tuned for more CES coverage on iDownloadBlog. Tomorrow, Sebastien will be joining me on the floor and we will tag team some of the booths. If you have not yet, find me on Twitter for live tweets during the show.