Ironically enough, Apple airs iPhone 5 commercial highlighting Do Not Disturb mode

Talk about ill-timed advertising! Apple’s first new television commercial in 2013 which highlights a Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone 5 has been spotted in the wild. We reported earlier that some folks were irked to wake up this morning to muted alerts for incoming calls and messages despite their iOS Do Not Disturb mode being outside its scheduled time.

I guess Apple’s ad agency wasn’t keeping tabs on tech news today. The 30-second clip above features tennis celebrity Serena Williams and her sister Venus. The ad can also be found on Apple’s official YouTube channel in its high-def glory…

The original poster quickly pulled the blurry phonecam video, but 9to5Mac re-uploaded the watermarked version that we featured briefly.

As you can see, the video features a dream sequence of the Williams sisters playing table tennis, suggesting to the viewer that they might miss out on a memorable dream unless they take advantage of the iOS Do Not Disturb mode.

Voiceover says:

Ever have a really cool dream? I’m having one right now. I don’t wanna be disturbed – and I won’t. Because before I went to sleep, I set this – and now my iPhone knows not to ring, unless it’s important. Because disturbing this might just be wrong.

How did you like the ad?