Google to release iOS maps app tonight

After much wait, it seems that Google is finally set to release its iOS maps app tonight.

As you’ll no doubt recall, Google Maps was the stock maps app on iOS on up until it was usurped by Apple’s own flavor of maps beginning with iOS 6. Of course, that didn’t go down so well for Apple, as its Maps app was critically panned for being ugly at best, and dangerously inaccurate at worst.

The Apple Maps debacle got so bad that a public apology was posted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Scott Forstall, the man behind Apple Maps, was relieved of his duties.

Now, after months of speculation and wait, AllThingsD is reporting that Google will release its iOS maps comeback tonight…

Google claimed to have been surprised by its ousting from iOS, but Google exec Eric Schmidt made it clear that an official 3rd-party Google Maps solution was in the works.

As to what will actually be featured in the new Google Maps app for iOS is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s safe to say that it will be able to compete against Apple maps as far as features are concerned. Expect things like turn-by-turn directions, and 3D maps — things that the previous version of Google Maps’ iOS lacked — to be fully in tow this go around.

Are you happy to hear that Google Maps is finally making a return to iOS?

[via AllThingsD]