Completely revamped Twitterific 5 for the iPhone and iPad goes live

Iconofactory has been teasing a completely redesigned Twitterific app since last weekend and now the software is being rolled out to international App Stores, starting with New Zealand and Australia. ”Rethought and rebuilt from the ground up”, Twitterific 5 represents a complete redesign of the app you know and, hopefully, have come to love. Its refreshed look is news in and of itself given Iconofactory’s artistic expertise and knowing Twitterific won an Apple Design Award.

Twitterific 5 brings with it a brand spanking new iPad interface and includes offline support, multiple account support, customizable themes, threaded DM view and timeline syncing using iCloud or Tweet Marker. More than a dozen other enhancements have made it into this update. I’m sure this release will put Iconofactory’s baby back into the game. Jump after the break for additional info and screenies…

I’ll update the article with the US App Store link as soon as it goes live.

Check out nice profile thumbnails.

Can we have this standard in all Twitter clients going forward?

Here, your iTunes release notes.

• Universal app for iPhone and iPad
• All-new, fresh user interface
• Optimized for smooth, fast performance
• Unified, color-coded timeline for easy reference
• Customizable theme control
– Dark/Light themes
– Choice of font & font sizes
– Avatar size
– Line spacing
– Brightness control
• In-app tweet type notifications (Mentions & DM’s)
• VoiceOver support
• Easy account switching
• Pull to refresh
• Powerful gestures for quick control
• Supports Twitter picture service
• Attach and view location on tweets
• Native RT & RT with Comment
• People search
• Discussion view
• Threaded DM view
• Pinnable sidebar (iPad version)
• Automatic switch to Dark theme at night
• Timeline syncing using iCloud or Tweet Marker
• Read-it-later using Instapaper & Pocket
• Translates tweets into your own language
• Advanced gap detection
• Offline support for posting, favoriting & following

Check out the iPad interface.

Twitterific used to be my go-to Twitter client until TweetBot came along.

You probably thought Iconofactory gave up on Twitterific after they stopped updating it back in 2011.

Twitterific 5 looks gorgeous and the feature set is pretty appealing. Coupled with Iconofactory’s famous app design, there should be plenty of enhancements to attract attention of the mainstream consumer while keeping critics at bay.

I’m sure gonna give Twitterific 5 another try.

Have you ever used Twitterific and what did you think of it?