Google I/O 2013 slated for May 15-17 at San Francisco’s Moscone West

Save the date for Google I/O 2013: today, the search giant confirmed its upcoming annual developer conference will run in San Francisco from May 15 through May 17, 2013. The three-day pilgrimage, just 162 days away, is bound to garner media interest with updates to Google’s key consumer products, namely Android, Nexus gadgets and the Chrome browser.

And what technology conference would it be without a few surprise announcements here and there? Curiously enough, with Google I/O 2013 the company is back to holding its biggest yearly event ahead of Apple, whose WWDC normally runs in June or July…

Google I/O 2013 was announced in an official post over at Google+.

Registrations are not currently accepted as Google promised to share more details in February. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled as the 2012 conference sold out in 20 minutes.

This year’s Google I/O also took place at San Francisco’s Moscone Center West and followed Apple’s worldwide developers conference which ran from June 11 to June 15, 2012.

The showing brought out several important product launches and announcements.

Android news included the significant Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1) update with 16 new gestures. Later on, some would point out that Google’s software outinnovated Apple’s iOS in terms of enhancements.

Google Now was unleashed to take on Siri. The overpriced (and recently phased-out) Nexus Q streaming orb fell on def ears with average consumers.

Then came Project Glass, a technology demonstration that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Google’s augmented-reality glasses have potential.

Here’s the crazy Glass demo involving Google’s Sergey Brin, with a little help from pro skydivers and bike jumpers.

Google, of course, solidified its new position as a gadget maker with new Chromebook models that rip off the MacBook Air and its foray into tablet computing with the seven-inch $199 Nexus tablet.

People who are serious about software build their own hardware.

Per usual, iDownloadBlog carefully compiled the news to bring our readers a distilled version of the announcements because you deserve to know what’s life like outside the Apple universe.

Plus, it always pays to see what competition is up to.

No, that ain’t a MacBook Air sitting on the couch.

Google didn’t forget about Apple users as it announced the long-awaited Chrome and Drive apps for the iPhone at the event.

Oh, and there was an attempt to contain Apple’s high-profile Maps announcement by adding 3D cities to the Google Earth mobile app.

We all unfortunately know what ensued when iOS 6 launched in September.

Here are the key highlights from Google I/O 2012.

It is no secret that Googlers like Macs and Google I/O is no exception.

Bloggers and other attendees, providing Apple with free advertising at Google’s event.

Check out the glowing Apple logos.

Are you looking forward to Google I/O 2013?

What aces, if any, Google may have up its sleeve come May 2013?