Qantas confirms Passbook support for boarding passes in Australia

Airline Qantas Tuesday announced Passbook integration for boarding passes in Australia. Travelers simply check in using their iPhone and select the “Add to Passbook” button when it appears on compatible devices. The national airline says that Passbook boarding passes will be color-coded to match the user’s frequent flyer status. Qantas isn’t stopping there as it plans on expanding Passbook functionality with live updates and other perks early next year…

Australian Business Traveller first broke the news on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Qantas confirmed to the publication that future iterations will bring live updates to the boarding pass. The feature should be implemented by January 2013.

Virgin Australia was actually among the first Paassbook adopters, announcing support for the feature shortly after Passbook launched alongside iOS 6 in September.

Delta and Qantas partner American Airlines also rolled out support for Passbook boarding passes, in addition to several major airlines the world over.

Android users can also take advantage of Passbook, via an unofficial app.

Passbook, a brand new app in iOS 6, organizes digital coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and other items wrapped inside the new .pkpass file type embeddable inside digital receipts and easily distributed via email or web pages.

In addition to iOS, OS X Mountain Lion can also detect Passbook items on web pages and inside email messages, allowing you to import them with a single-click, with iCloud taking care of synchronizing the items across authorized Macs and iOS devices.

Looks like Passbook is finally getting off the ground, no?