Delta and American Airlines also working on Passbook support

After months of waiting, we should finally get to see Passbook in action this month. Apple unveiled the app, which stores digital gift cards, event tickets and boarding passes, during its WWDC event.

As cool as the idea of Passbook is, it will only be successful if it can garner support from major businesses. But if the enthusiasm of the airlines is any indication, that won’t be a problem…

Hot on the heels of the story that Virgin Australia is already testing Passbook, comes a report that claims that both Delta and American Airlines are also actively working to support the service.

Travel site Skift has the scoop:

“A spokesperson for American Airlines reveals it will be “rolling out an app update in the coming weeks in support of Passbook. In the meantime, customers can still access their mobile boarding passes in the current version of American’s mobile app.”

And, Delta is known to be actively working on supporting Passbook’s functionality for mobile boarding passes, although the airline wouldn’t talk about it publicly.”

The author says that a spokesperson for United Airlines declined to comment on the matter, but points out that a United boarding pass is present in Apple’s screenshots of the Passbook app.

Again, if this is a sign of how other businesses are going to approach Passbook support, the sky is the limit. Imagine never having to carry another physical boarding pass, movie ticket or gift card.

What’s your take on Passbook? Will it be a hit, or will it fall on its face?