Dropbox gains enhanced video playback, support for password-protected Office docs

Cloud-storage startup Dropbox has quickly become my favorite solution for storing and sharing files in the cloud, collaborating on projects, backing up my photos and more. Today, an update to the free Dropbox iOS client has been issued, bringing with it a couple new features and tweaks. For starters, streaming of video files from your Dropbox is now improved. Another nice-to-have: Dropbox finally features support for password-protected Microsoft Office documents, an iOS 6-only capability…

Other changes include the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements plus Italian and Iberian Spanish language support.

These new features are available across iPads, iPhones and iPod touches.

The app previously gained AirPrint support and enhanced sharing features. Back in June, Dropbox added automatic uploading of photos and videos from your Camera Roll, a feature Facebook quietly rolled out last week.

The cloud-storage service crossed 100 million users on November 12.

The team recently introduced a new API to let app devs put up a dialog box for users to access their Dropbox photos, videos and other documents.

The new Dropbox file chooser in the Assana app.

The Dropbox file chooser can be easily integrated into web apps with just a few lines of HTML5 code and its look and behavior can be customized.

Here’s another example.

If there’s one thing I hate about Dropbox, it’s the inexplicable recompression that happens whenever I upload full-resolution snaps to my Dropbox. While the resulting upload does maintain the original file’s resolution, the automatic recompressing for a smaller file size inevitably introduces unwanted image artifacts.

I’d love to have a choice between recompressing uploads for smaller file sizes and keeping my image files intact.

Does the recompression bother you?