Google complains Apple is withholding iOS 6 source code

Just as Samsung added the iPad mini, fifth-gen iPod touch and fourth-gen iPad to its suit, claiming Apple’s latest gadgets violate its patents, news broke that Google’s handset arm Motorola Mobility is thinking about doing the same in its litigation against Apple in the Southern District of Miami, Florida. And in order to establish that Apple’s devices violate Motorola patents, Google is moving to perform some infringement analysis and has filed a motion complaining that Apple is withholding the source code for iOS 6, which powers the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices…

Apple allegedly failed to keep its promise of providing source code by November 30.

The company may be looking for the deadline for infringement contentions to pass before Google has taken a detailed look at the iOS 6 source code, explains patent blogger Florian Müeller:

Google’s motion says that Apple “has, at various times, promised to produce iOS source code by or “shortly after” September 21st, by November 9th, and by November 30th”, but two months have passed now since the release of iOS 6 “and almost four months after Apple released its most recent OSX software”, whose source code Google also wants to evaluate.

Not sure why Google needs to look into the Mac OS source code.

It’s nevertheless pretty telling that now both Samsung and Googlerola appear to be conjointly targeting Apple’s latest iOS gadgets. After all, the search giant quietly lent support to Samsung’s legal team in the high-profile Apple v. Samsung trial in the United States.

Also worth mentioning, The Korea Times, a pro-Samsung publication, did report back in July that Google and Samsung were “working closely to create a united front against Apple’s legal offensive” as the two companies both have a game plan to get money from the iPhone maker.

Having said that, this synchronized stepping up of Google’s and Samsung’s legal attacks on Apple’s latest products is hardly a coincidence, if you ask me.