Samsung adds iPad mini, iPad 4 and more to latest patent suit

Though the current US patent trial between Apple and Samsung, the one that resulted in a $1 billion verdict, is still far from over, another Stateside court battle between the two companies is already heating up.

Unlike the previous case, this new set of lawsuits pertains to more recent products from both sides including Samsung’s family of Nexus devices, Apple’s iPhone 5, and now the new iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini…

The Verge has gotten its hands on Samsung’s latest court filing, which asks Judge Paul S. Grewal for permission to amend its its infringement contentions to allege infringement on by a slew of new Apple devices.

Here’s an excerpt from the filing:

“Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (collectively “Samsung”) shall and hereby do move the Court for an order granting Samsung leave to amend its infringement contentions pursuant to Patent L.R. 3-6 to allege infringement by the iPod Touch (5th Generation) (the “iPod Touch 5”), iPad (4th Generation) (“iPad 4”) and the iPad Mini, which was released after Samsung served its original infringement contentions, and after Samsung filed its October 1, 2012 Motion for Leave to Supplement its Infringement Contentions (regarding the iPhone 5) .”

Samsung claims that these three devices violate its patents, and want the court to allow it to add them to its patent infringement suit. Of course, Judge Grewal could deny the motion, but that doesn’t seem likely here.

Thus far, this second round of Apple-Samsung lawsuits includes dozens of devices — 9 from Apple, and as many as 18 from Samsung. The discovery phase is up in late 2013, and the trial is set for the following year.

Yeah, Samsung doesn’t look like it has any intention of negotiating a patent truce here.