Despite Android growth, iOS accounts for 60 percent of mobile videos

Amazon Instant Video for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)More evidence that our hunch was right: most mobile video traffic comes from iOS devices. Indeed, a new study finds that 60 percent of video not shown on PCs appear on iPad or iPhone screens. This despite a growing number of Android devices becoming a third screen for video consumers.

The news follows an earlier study in May by the same video monetization firm Freewheel. That research found iOS devices displayed 80 percent of mobile videos, hinting at inroads made by Android players…

After taking a look at more than fourteen billion video streams their clients served, FreeWheel found mobile non-PC videos tripled since last year, reaching 1.3 billion views. There are several messages to take away from this study.

Uppermost is that iOS owners are more comfortable with video. This despite attempts by Android backers and Adobe to draw more viewers by offering Flash-enabled videos as an alternative to the Flash-free iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Rather than limit the Apple devices by producing content only for Flash-oriented devices, video producers quickly adopted HTML 5, which Apple picked over Adobe’s software.

The other point highlighted by the study serves as welcome news for advertisers. Making money from online mobile video is not limited to spots in short YouTube clips.

Instead, the company discovered ads in long-form videos – such as movies and TV episodes – have the least amount of video ‘bailout’, where consumers quit watching.

This could offer hope for companies considering competing against Netflix by offering an ad-supported video service.

Is your iPad or iPhone becoming your favorite platform for viewing videos?