Stream, a beautiful client, hits the iPhone

If you for some reason dislike Netbot, a $5 iOS client from the makers of Tweetbot, you should consider this little nugget. Handcrafted Co.’s Stream offers customizable call gestures and configurable right-swipe action (you can set it to view conversation, reply, star or repost), has support for multiple accounts and delights with a very attractive and polished user interface. You can also cross-post on Twitter, upload media files via the CloudApp service, save articles to Instapaper and more. Four bucks a pop…

The only downside: push notifications are coming in a future update.

Two more screenies:

And here, your release notes.

• Customizable cell gestures that perform your action of choice
• Pull to Perform: A new cell gesture that allows you to pull then release on your action of choice
• Multiple account support
• Search for users
• Easily tweet your post to Twitter
• Instapaper support (Pocket and Readability coming soon)
• CloudApp support for photo/video uploads (Droplr and other alternative services coming soon)

BeautifulPixels noted in a review:

When you launch the app you immediately notice the stunning blues used throughout. I absolutely love what they have done with the navigation bar colour. At first you would think it is just another client but the beauty is in the subtleties like the icons used and the gestures.

Tapping the compose button on the top right slides up the composition view that lets you cross post to twitter and add usernames or hashtags to a post. I love how the New Post title on the navigation bar changes into a character count as you type and back when you stop typing.

If you’re not familiar with, it’s an ad-free, subscription-based social network.

Several clients exist on the iOS platform and most let you cross-post on both and Twitter, with longer posts getting truncated to Twitter’s 140 characters.

What’s so special about

Just ask the types who are increasingly growing tired of open, ad-driven social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To them, paying to enjoy a closed social network free of ads is a no brainer.

Between Twitter and Facebook time-sucks, I haven’t had a chance to check out yet.

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