Initial pre-order stock of black 16GB iPad mini gone

Bad news for folks who haven’t pre-ordered their iPad mini yet, it looks like the initial stock of all of the entry-level models are gone. White versions sold out shortly after pre-orders began Friday morning, and black 16GB minis sold out today.

This means that if you are hoping to score one of the aforementioned tablets on launch day, you’ll have to head to your local Apple Store…

9to5Mac was the first to point out this morning that estimated shipping times for black 16GB iPad minis had slipped to two weeks. At the time of this writing, however, it looks like 32GB and 64GB black models will still arrive on November 2nd.

November 2nd is also the day that both the iPad mini and the new full-sized iPad will go on sale in retail stores. At least Wi-Fi models anyway. New iPad models with LTE built into them are still showing an estimated ship time of ‘Mid November.’

All eyes are on Apple this weekend, as it enters a crowded 7-8-inch tablet market with, what some believe to be, an over-priced iPad mini. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how consumers respond; Apple is expected to release pre-order figures on Monday.