Nokia ad slams the iPhone over lack of color

Nokia took issue with Apple’s black and white iPhone color options in an interesting new commercial for its Lumia range of smartphones. The ad, included right after the break, sets the tone by depicting a gloomy world where mindless drones come to Apple Stores to buy iPhones. When a customer suggest color other than standard black and white iPhone options, hell breaks loose. The clip then switches to Nokia’s recently refreshed Lumia lineup, available in a bunch of colors…

Here’s the ad.

Gee, I wonder where else I’d seen such an incredibly creative concept based on the shifting line moving slowly forward.

Joking aside, I must admit the commercial is interesting and amusing.

From marketing standpoint, it’s an epic fail.

Why poke at a big dog in smartphones in a commercial supposedly about your own product?

I know, advertising against your rival is marketing 101, but still…

Besides, I suspect average Joes won’t even get the message.

As much as I like Nokia, what the ailing cell phone giant is really doing here is spending most of the time advertising a rival product.

Apple brought colors to the redesigned iPod touch range, which could be a prelude to more color choices for the iPhone in the future. Here is Apple’s 2012 iPod touch.

Notice how Lumias come in nearly identical colors like Apple’s iPod touch.

Of course, it could be also argued that Apple’s redesigned iPod nano looks a lot like the Lumias did a year ago.

In case you were wondering, Apple sold more iPhone 5 units in its opening weekend than Nokia sold Lumias in an entire quarter.

The refreshed Lumia range launched last month as the first flagship Windows Phone 8 offering, but it was short-lived as HTC followed-up with a better offering of its own.

Now Nokia is reportedly considering suing HTC over phone design.

Another thing Nokia is considering: selling its headquarters.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts down in the comments.

No ‘homeless Nokia’ jokes, please…