Streamweaver lets you jointly record multi-angle video with friends

If you are a fan of iPhone photography (and perhaps are following our iPhoneography series), you’re gonna love this little gem. Streamweaver is a new multi-angle video app with a novel approach to mobile video recording. First, invite a bunch of friends to use the app. Then, each one of you gets to record the same scene from a different angle.

Finally, the program combines your uploaded video streams and plays them back in a single split-screen video that shows all the angles together. It’s simple, clean, straightforward and works as advertised. Best of all, Streamweaver is provided free of charge…

The app’s interface allows you to browse the featured videos, connect with friends on Streamweaver and invite them to record with you (it tells you when they join in and start recording) and more.

The recording interface with profile photos of friends who are recording the same scene. 

The end result is a multi-angle video clip.

Once you get the multi-angle video, the app lets you watch all the angles from inside the app or using a web browser. The resulting video is stitched together professionally in that all the perspectives play back in perfect sync.

Check out some cool example videos on the Streamweaver web site.

Here’s your highlight reel.

Sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and SMS.

Streamweaver is a free download for your iPhone/iPod touch, right from the App Store.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing awesome multi-perspective videos done using Streamweaver and will be using this app for side-by-side comparison clips like this one.

It should also be a must-have for live shows and events.

What do you think of Screamweaver so far?