Apple updates iCloud for Windows to version 2.0

A fan of Apple’s iCloud but happen to be tied to Microsoft’s Windows? No problem, because Apple has just updated its iCloud for Windows app to version 2.0, just in time for the iPhone 5.

With iCloud offering syncing capabilities across iOS devices as well as Macs, Windows users need not be left in the cold thanks to Apple’s software which seeks to bring the iCloud features to those not sporting a Mac.

The release, bringing iCloud for Windows up to version 2.0, brings iOS 6 compatibility to the game just in time for the next generation iPhone to be unleashed upon the masses…

The only major news here is that aforementioned iOS 6 compatibility and a new Photo Stream link that can be found in Windows Explorer. Beyond that, you’ll probably not notice a huge difference between version 2.0 and its predecessors.

Still, any update is a good update in our books, especially when it means all the latest kit will work. Now all we need is an iPhone 5 to go with that Windows PC, and we’re golden!

The iCloud for Windows system allows Windows-based iOS fans to sync all things like bookmarks and contacts, just like their Mac-toting counterparts. Well, sort of.

You can download iCloud for Windows here.

Are you an (un)fortunate Windows and iOS user?