Mini iPad dummy caught on video

Remember photos of an alleged iPad mini dummy unit from yesterday? Gizchina has gotten its hands on one of the units floating around in Asia, presumably made according to guesstimates by case vendors concerning the device’s purportedly smaller design. A video the site produced gives us a better understanding of what the alleged device may look like, though we couldn’t vouch for its authenticity. Also note that case vendors quite often get it wrong (remember a teardrop-shaped iPhone from last year) so take this clip with a few grains of salt…

Gizchina notes (via our friends at MacRumors) that it bought this unit from an electronics market in China. Of course, it doesn’t work as it’s just a dummy.

Notice the skinnier bezels which would presumably make the smaller device more comfortably to hold in one’s hand. The video also reveals possible physical buttons on the sides of the device.

You can also explore this highly detailed and interactive 3D model of mini iPad.

Apple is thought to be introducing the iPad mini at a media event some time in October.

If you spot anything unusual in the above clip, do share your observations down in the comments.