Privata makes it easier to enable private browsing in Safari

Enabling private browsing in Mobile Safari is a chore, because you have to exit the app, go to Settings, and enable it from there. There’s actually no way to enable private browsing from inside the app itself, which is kind of lame.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could enable private browsing quickly from the share menu in Safari? That’s the exact premise behind Privata — a new jailbreak tweak that’s available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

Privata is an extremely simple tweak in form and function. It places a Toggle Private Browsing section in the share menu, and can be easily accessed via the share button at the bottom of the Safari window. Enabling private browsing turns the Safari UI black, as it does normally when enabling it from the Settings app.

Keep in mind that the first link you visit after enabling private mode is still logged, but all links after that should work under private browsing mode. This is sort of inconvenient, but if you use private browsing sparingly, I don’t see it being a huge deal. What do you think?