SlideSB places a brightness slider on the iPhone’s Home screen

SlideSB is a new jailbreak tweak that places a brightness adjustment slider on each page of your Home screen. This allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness, instead of going about more traditional means of doing so.

Although SlideSB is an extremely simple tweak, it stumbles a bit in execution. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside for the details…

The main problem with SlideSB is that the slider adjustments don’t take effect on each page of your Home screen. For instance, if I turn the brightness all the way down on the first page, the second page’s brightness slider will still be at the same level it was before. This results in a jarring change of brightness when you adjust the brightness on one page, and expect it to pick up on the same level on each subsequent page.

Along with the page issue, the tweak also claims that there are settings to configure in the Settings app. While it’s true; there is a settings panel for SlideSB; nothing is there to configure. You’ll find links to follow the developer on Twitter, and donate to PayPal, but you won’t find anything else useful for configuring the tweak.

That all being said, it’s hard to complain about a tweak when it’s completely free. SlideSB is a decent tweak, especially considering it’s free, but it does stumble in the areas mentioned above.

What are your thoughts?