How to make your iPhone speak the current time and date

Sometimes you just don’t have time to look at the time. Or maybe you’re in a dark room, and don’t want the iPhone’s light to blind you as if you were staring directly into the sun. In either of these scenarios, using TimeSpeak would be appropriate.

TimeSpeak is a jailbreak tweak that will speak the current time and date out loud when invoked via an Activator action. The tweak contains numerous options for speaking certain parts of time like day, month, hours, minutes, seconds, etc. Take a look inside for a full video demo…


I could certainly see myself using TimeSpeak on a daily basis, especially during the night, or early in the morning when I can barely pry my eyes open. It’s not something that’s going to replace a watch, or the visible clock on the iPhone, but it can be very useful in the appropriate situations.

TimeSpeak is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and I can definitely recommend it. What about you? Would you use it?