How to easily search iDB directly from Notification Center

iDB-SearchNC is a new jailbreak widget that allows you to easily search the contents of iDownloadBlog directly from Notification Center. That’s right, all of Christian’s in-depth reporting, countless witty one-liners from Cody, and all of Sebastien’s reviews and giveaways, right from the convenience of Notification Center.

We know, it almost sounds too good to be true, but alas, it is. Take a look inside as we give iDB-Search NC the proper video walkthrough…


But of course, that’s not all. If you happen to have Dashboard X installed on your device, then you can place the iDB search bar directly on your Home screen as well. That’s right, that’s double the means of searching iDB.

As if all of those features weren’t enough, iDB-SearchNC is a free download on Cydia’s default MacCiti repo. Now get to searching! But before that, let us know what you think about the widget below.