Top videos of the week

Things have been quite exciting over the past week, with the unveiling and release of a true iPad multitasking tweak — Quasar — to the beta launch of Lima — an alternative to Cydia — leading the way.

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New iPad multitasking concept video

Running multiple apps on screen at once — It seems to be a popular topic amongst the jailbreak community lately. Check out this awesome concept video based on CardSwitcher.


The ability to make Sparrow your default mail client? Yes, please.

Restoring your SAM unlock ticket

Although the SAM unlock ability has been closed by Apple, it’s still possible to restore your saved off activation tickets to unlock your phone. That is, of course, if you were proactive enough to use the SAM unlock before Apple patched things up.


A true iPad multitasking multi app window solution that’s available on Cydia right now. If you have a jailbroken iPad, this is an absolutely must see.


The browser-based Cydia alternative, over one year in the making.