Customize your Lock screen’s date with ‘LockDate’

Interested in customizing the look of your Lock screen’s date display? Then look no further than LockDate — a tweak exclusively devoted to customizing the date reading on your iPhone’s Lock screen.

With LockDate you can alter the date’s font, color, style, and much more. There is also a provision to incorporate alternate calendar types and switch to them by swiping on the date with your finger.

LockDate certainly isn’t a tweak that will find an audience with everyone one, but there’s sure to be someone who is interested in this niche…


If you’re compelled to try LockDate after watching our walkthrough, simply take your jailbroken iPhone over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can acquire it free of charge.

If you decide that LockDate is the tweak for you, then please feel free to sound off in our comments section with your thoughts about it.