Watch this security firm break an iPhone’s passcode in under 10 minutes

We all know that iOS is one of the most secure mobile platforms on the market, but it’s far from perfect. How else do you think hackers are able to find exploits in the software that allows us to jailbreak our devices?

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the folks over at Micro Systemation, a Swedish security firm, are able to bypass an iPhone’s passcode lock in under 10 minutes. Don’t believe it? Watch this video…


The security firm calls its in-house software XRY, and as you can see, it’s very effective. Utilizing exploits, similar to those used in jailbreaks, XRY can crack an iPhone’s passcode, and download private data like call logs, contacts, and messages.

It’s scary how easy they make this look. It seems that even with a passcode set, your personal data on your iPhone is never safe. Especially if you were to lose your phone. Luckily, Apple’s Find My iPhone service has a handy remote wipe button.

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