‘Aero’ lets you switch apps with style and grace

SBCoders — the same developer behind the highly anticipated Deck jailbreak tweak – is back at it again. Aero is the latest creation from SBCoders, and their aim is to bring significant style and grace to the mundane task of switching apps.

Do they succeed in accomplishing their goal? Check out our in-depth video preview of Aero for the answer…


The beta preview of Aero that we tested was three short of a dozen different animations. These ranged from your typical CoverFlow, to an extremely classy wheel animation that reminds us of your father’s rolodex.

Aero doesn’t necessarily do anything groundbreaking at this point, but it certainly accomplishes the task of spicing up an otherwise ordinary activity.

Expect SBCoders to take their time with this release to make sure it’s just right before making it publicly available. That’s a rarity these days, so we should appreciate their hard work to bring us well working tweaks.

Let us know what you think about Aero. Does it seem like the type of tweak you’d like to use?