Watch the iPad 3 event in iTunes, or on your Apple TV now

If you’re anything like us, and if you’re reading this you probably are, then you’re the kind of person who likes to kick back with a coffee and enjoy a good Apple event in all its glory. That means on a big-screen TV, not hunched over a MacBook screen.

Now you can see the announcement of the iPad 3, sorry, new iPad, on a screen large enough to do it justice, with Apple now making the event available to download via iTunes.

That also means, dear friends, that you can also check the event out on your Apple TV. Like we did. Twice…

Yep, we can’t get enough of these things.

The video itself can be found inside the Podcast section of iTunes, and searching for “Apple Keynotes” is probably the easiest way to find it.

If you’re going to download the whole event for watching back later then you’ll need nearly a gigabyte of space in order to do so. Weighing in at 980MB, the March special event runs for a total of 85 minutes and we’re sure you’ll love every minute of it.

We know we did.