‘Calendar Pro’ adds a configurable calendar to Notification Center

Back in October we brought you a walkthrough of Calendar for Notification Center. Needless to say it was so barebones that I don’t even believe we made a post about it.

Now the same developer behind Calendar for Notification Center is back, this time with Calendar Pro.

How does Calendar Pro compare to its predecessor? Better yet, will it meet the needs of those who desire a calendar in iOS 5’s Notification Center?


As you can see, there are now a ton of options to configure this go around. You can customize your calendar’s colors to an absurd degree, along with adjusting options like holidays, and shortcuts to the stock Calendar app.

Calendar Pro, while not a life changing tweak, is much better than its predecessor in every way. The good news is that it is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.50.

If you’re someone who desires a Calendar in Notification Center, then your options aren’t very plentiful. Calendar Pro is one of the best options that you have at your disposal. Hopefully the widget will be updated with more options in the future like direct Calendar editing. In my opinion, that would make it a real “pro” tweak.

What do you think?