‘DataMonitor’ tracks your cellular data usage and so much more

DataMonitor is a free tweak that puts nearly every technical facet about your device right at your fingertips.

That’s not hyperbole, I’ve never seen a jailbreak app so thorough in providing technical information about an iOS device before.

Best of all it’s free and available for download now…


DataMonitor includes cellular and Wi-Fi usage stats as its main course, but the side dishes are aplenty.

There’s data logs, monthly and daily monitoring, customizable data thresholds, battery information, verbose memory stats, process information, system uptime logs, system builds, kernel versions and builds, and much, much more.

The bottom line is that DataMonitor will provide you with pretty much whatever one could ever want to know about an iOS device.

My only complaint about DataMonitor is that it was sort of laggy on my device, which is weird since I’m using a speedy iPhone 4S. Others have experienced mixed results, so your mileage may vary.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it for free today.

What do you think about DataMonitor?