‘Anti-Theft’ sounds an alarm when your iPhone is stolen

Afraid a thief might try to snag your iPhone while out an about? Well, don’t look for Anti-Theft to help you. By the time you hear the alarm sounded by this jailbreak tweak, any such thief will be long gone.

Anti-Theft can, however, assist you in a small classroom or work environment. Maybe. Okay who are we kidding? If you’re relying on a tweak like this to keep your iPhone secure, it’s probably already gone by now.


Anti-Theft works by sounding an alarm, turning on the flash, and turning on vibration when your headphones are unplugged from your iPhone, and/or when your device is removed from your pocket.

My main issue with this is that no real thief is going to care about the iPhone’s alarm, as all he or she has to do is go in and disable the tweak, or simply turn the volume down to shut it up.

If you’re in a more intimate environment, though, it may be enough to startle the suspect. That could allocate you just enough time to I.D. the perp.

Another thing I notified is that Anti-Theft uses the iPhone’s proximity sensor. I had very mixed results testing this. The point is that it will sound the alarm if the device is removed from your pocket, even if your headphones aren’t plugged in. Ultimately that could lead to a faster draining battery, and wasn’t always 100% reliable in my tests.

Thankfully, Anti-Theft is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, because I couldn’t honestly see paying for such a lackluster attempt at iPhone security. The best security is to not have it taken to begin with.

How do you go about securing your iPhone while out an about?