How to customize your iPhone’s carrier name

Customizing your carrier name is nothing new, but did you know there are tons of ways to go about doing so?

In this video demonstration, we’ll highlight four different tweaks that you can use to customize your iPhone’s carrier name. You can even use Emoji icons and create custom logos with the proper know how. Check inside for the full rundown…


In the video we highlighted MakeItMine (Free/ModMyi), Springtomize 2 ($2.99/BigBoss), CleanStatus (Free/ModMyi), and Zeppelin (Free/ModMyi). MakeItMine is without a doubt the elder in this bunch of tweaks, while CleanStatus is the easiest to use, Springtomize 2 is the most in-depth, and Zeppelin is the shiniest and most recent.

All of these tweaks work on iOS 5, and have been tested on the iPhone and iPod touch. Most, if not all, should work on the iPad as well.

Which method do you prefer?