‘CleanStatus’ Sanitizes Your iPhone’s Status Bar

Let’s face it; the more apps and tweaks you install on your iPhone, the more likely it is for your status bar to become cluttered. I’ve got it particularly bad, it’s such a problem that some of the status bar icons on my iPhone’s screen were beginning to overlap.

It’s almost as if the developer of CleanStatus read my mind, because as soon as I started looking for apps and tweaks to disable or get rid of, here comes CleanStatus…


CleanStatus is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia, hence no app icons are placed on your Home screen upon installing it. Instead, you’re greeted with a nice assortment of options in your Settings.app, options that are bound to make your status bar as clean as a whistle.

Among the bountiful lot of options that litter the settings for CleanStatus are toggles for Clock/Date, Data Network, Carrier Name, Airplane, Battery, Battery Percentage, Bluetooth, etc, etc. In total I counted 17 toggles that are initially available to disable on your status bar.

Once you turn a particular toggle on, the selected item disappears from your status bar in a matter of seconds. The cool thing about CleanStatus is that this happens on the fly, no pesky resprings required. This makes it something that I would consider using quite often, considering it’s a fairly quick operation.

Of course, not every status bar icon is available in the toggles, and frankly adding every one would be pretty much near impossible. Still, it can be expected that the developer will continue to support their release and add more popular toggles when deemed necessary.

CleanStatus can be downloaded via Cydia, and is free for jailbroken iPhones.

Are you keeping that status bar tidy?