Use Your iOS Device to Control Your TV and More with the VooMote Zapper

The iOS accessory space has seen a number of universal remote control add-ons over the last few years. There’s the Peel, and the Griffin Beacon — both of which allow you to control your entire entertainment center with your iOS device.

But now there’s a new kid on the block, the VooMote Zapper. And unlike the aforementioned accessories, it doesn’t require an external infrared receiver. The Zapper plugs directly into your device’s 30-pin dock connector, and doesn’t require batteries…


When combined with its accompanying app,’s VooMote Zapper turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a universal remote control. You can use it to control your HDTV, Blue Ray or DVD Player, and a host of other home theatre equipment.

Here are some of the Zapper’s most notable features:

  • Easy setup wizard lets you configure the remotes for your devices within minutes.
  • One Touch (Macros) starts a sequence of commands with a single button.
  • Personalize your VooMote Zapper however you like it.
  • Manage multiple devices in different rooms with Room Control.
  • Use a simple finger swipe for all core functions, such as changing channels.
  • Set up customized remotes once and use iCloud to push all that information to the rest of your iOS devices.

What’s really cool about the VooMote remote is that it works out of the box with thousands of products. And if you’re stereo receiver or other device isn’t supported, you can teach the VooMote Zapper new commands in minutes.

It looks like even Apple is impressed with’s accessory, as it has recently listed it on its online store. The VooMote Zapper is available on in both white and black, or directly from the manufacturer in a variety of colors, for $69.99.

What do you think of the VooMote Zapper?