iOSOpenDev App for Creating Jailbreak Tweaks Now Available

Last week we told you about iOSOpenDev, an app aimed at lowering the learning curve for iOS developers looking to create jailbreak tweaks. The utility allows users to develop tweaks using Apple’s own Xcode software.

As promised, iOSOpenDev is now available for download. So if you have a little bit of a background in programming, and you’re looking for a way to get into jailbreak development, you might want to check it out…

Developing Cydia tweaks doesn’t get much easier than this. iOSOpenDev includes pre-made templates for Activator listeners, SB Settings toggles, and Notification Center widgets. It will even build the project into a .deb file, so it will be ready to submit to the repository of your choice.

All you need to use the application is a Mac computer, running at least Mac OS X 10.6 or later and Xcode 4 or higher. The developer warns that iOSOpenDev is still in beta, but he believes that it’s ready for public use.