SlyCam: Snap Photos From Notification Center

Every few months there seems to be a jailbreak tweak that’s released to cater to the James Bond wannabes out there, and SlyCam is the latest addition to the cache.

SlyCam allows one to covertly snap photos directly from iOS 5’s Notification Center. Check out our video coverage of the jailbreak tweak inside…


As you can see from the video, SlyCam has two basic options. The first option is to preload the camera in a tiny window that resides in Notification Center — targeting your snapshot prior to taking a photo. The second option is to simply snap the photo without even previewing it.

Of course the second option is the faster method of obtaining your photo, but you’re not guaranteed to take the picture you were hoping for, since there’s no viewfinder to preview it in.

I’m really not sure what I think about SlyCam. It works, but I think if Q gave James something like this, he’d probably think he was losing his creative touch.

At any rate, the tweak is free, so if you’re interested and running a jailbroken instance of iOS 5, head over to Cydia and spy it out.

Have you tried it?