How to Add a Custom Background Photo to Siri

CustomSiriBackground, much like its cousin CustomNCBackground, allows you to add a photograph to Siri’s backdrop to spruce it up.

If you’ve ever used CustomNCBackground, then you know exactly what to expect, as the interface is exactly the same.

For those growing weary of Apple’s overuse of the linen background, then this tweak should add some much needed spice to your life.


CustomSiriBackground allows you to select a photo from your photo library, or you can snap one with the camera while within the tweak’s settings

If you’re interested in adding your own style to Siri, and your iPhone 4S is jailbroken, then check out CustomSiriBackground; it’s free on Cydia.

It also works with Spire if you have that setup to run on your non-4S device.

Have you tried CustomSiriBackground? What are your thoughts on the tweak?