The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iPad

Yes, we’re excited that the iPhone 4S finally has a jailbreak, but let’s not forget the iPad 2! Yes, the iPad 2, along with the iPhone 4S benefited from the release of the A5 jailbreak.

Since it’s been about 6 months since the last iPad 2 jailbreak was released, we felt it appropriate to discuss some of the best jailbreak tweaks available for the iPad 2…



Description: Simply one of the best tweaks for the iPad. This Ryan Petrich creation allows you to add Retina Display for iPhone apps running in 2X mode on the iPad. It makes a huge difference with certain apps, and is a must have if you use a lot of iPhone-only apps on the iPad.
Price: $2.99
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Description: iCade owners would be silly not to drop $6.99 on Blutrol. This tweak essentially makes it possible to play any game with on screen controls with the iCade. It even works with other Bluetooth peripherals, and promises WiiMote support in the future. If you’re an iCade owner, what are you waiting for? Download this immediately.
Price: $6.99
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Description: Works just as well on the iPad as it does on the iPhone. Arguably one of the best jailbreak tweaks in history.
Price: $9.99
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FullScreen for Safari (iPad)

Description: Browsing on the iPad’s 10″ screen is nice, especially if you’re coming from an iPhone, but browsing on an iPad with true full screen mode is even better! That’s where Full Screen for Safari comes it. It allows you to remove the menu bar at the top of Safari for a true full screen browsing experience.
Price: $1.29
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Granted, there aren’t as many fantastic must-haves for the iPad when compared to the iPhone, but these are definitely tweaks that should be in anyone’s iPad repertoire. Of course, there are other tweaks that you will want to try like iFile, biteSMS, Activator, etc. but when it comes to tweaks that cater specifically to the iPad’s form factor, these tweaks can’t be beat.

What about you? Did we leave out a certain tweak that you feel should have made it in our list? Discuss below, and let us know.