iPhone Still Top Dog in Customer Satisfaction

Although the latest polls still show Android has a larger smartphone marketshare than iOS handsets, the iPhone still seems to have a major lead in the more important category: customer satisfaction.

You can talk all you want about marketshare, but it’s the customers who determine a platform’s future. And according to the latest survey from ChangeWave, iPhone owners are by far the most satisfied…

The marketing research firm recently polled over 4,000 smartphone users in North America to find out what they thought about their current handsets. And the results are very much in line with previous surveys.

The iPhone, as you’ve probably already guessed, came out on top with 75% of users admitting they were very satisfied with the device. Both Samsung and HTC garnered 45% customer satisfaction, and RIM scored last with just 22%.

This isn’t the first time that Apple’s handset has come out on top of a customer satisfaction survey by such a wide margin. It seems like the company’s focus on details and user experience is really paying off.

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