New Siri Project Will Allow You to Launch Apps and Toggle Settings

Siri has been grabbing a ton of headlines lately. Between the recently released jailbreak app called Spire and the ongoing development of SiriProxy, it seems like folks can’t get enough of the digital assistant.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we’ve come across another project starring the voice control feature: SiriPrefs. The utility allows you to launch iPhone applications and toggle system settings using Siri.

According to iPhoneil, an Israel-based iPhone blog, SiriPrefs is the brainchild of Israeli developer Danny Lisiansky. The project’s goal is to make Siri do things outside of its pre-defined abilities, including launching applications and opening system settings. Watch it in action:


Since most of the information on the project is in Hebrew, we are having a tough time figuring out how exactly SiriPrefs works. It appears to use URL schemes and also seems to rely heavily on the Microsoft Bing search application. Weird.

Regardless, SiriPrefs seems to work rather well, although the developer says that he’s no where near finished with it. We’re definitely interested to see the project materialize so we’ll keep our eyes open for any kind of announcement or release.

What do you think of SiriPrefs?

[Thanks, Chris!]