How to Find Your Cydia Account Number

Sure, it might sound trivial, but knowing how to find your Cydia Account Number is really important, especially for giveaways. Awhile back we created a video tutorial, but never had an accompanying post for that tutorial.

Inside, we’ll show you how to find your Cydia Account Number in just a few easy to follow steps…


Finding Your Cydia Account Number in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Open Cydia (You must have a jailbroken device).

Step 2: On the main Cydia tab tap the “Manage Account” panel and authenticate your account using Facebook or Google. If you’ve ever purchased an app or tweak from Cydia you should have this.

Step 3: Once logged in, you will see your Cydia Account number in small text below the ‘Installable Purchases’ panel. Write that down for future reference.

Knowing your Cydia Account Number is instrumental when it comes to participating in jailbreak app and tweak giveaways, hence it’s pretty important to know!

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