Create Favorite Groups of Preferences With Preference Folders

Preference Folders is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will shortly be released on Cydia. It allows you to group your favorite preferences from your Settings app into a custom folder that you create.

What’s cool about Preference Folders is that it allows you to mix and match both stock iOS preferences and jailbreak tweak and app preferences. This grants the ability to place your most used items into a custom folder located directly in your Settings app.

Check out our video sneak preview inside for more details…


Creating new folders with Preference Folders is ridiculously simple, and grouping together your most used settings panels — both normal and jailbreak — is very interesting. I could see how it could help ones who have a few go to preferences that they often use.

If you’re convinced after watching the video, then Preference Folders should be available soon on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, donning a $2.00 price tag.

What do you think about Preference Folders? Do you think it simplifies your Setting app, or do you believe it will make it more complex?