How to Get Siri Dictation on Your Mac or PC [Video]

Earlier we told you about the update to TouchPad, a VNC remote control app for iOS devices. It’s a well known app in itself, but this latest update is sure to make a few people ecstatic.

Indeed, Edovia — the highly esteemed developers behind this and other great apps, like Screens — has updated TouchPad to allow Siri dictation between an iPhone 4S and a Mac, Windows, or even Linux machine if that suits your fancy.

Check out our video demonstration inside…


As you can see, Siri dictation works fairly well between he iPhone 4S and the Mac. TouchPad worked flawlessly; the only stumbling blocks were Siri misinterpreting things coupled with my haphazard pronunciation.

If you want to try it out, simply download TouchPad ($4.99), connect it to your Mac or PC, and get to talking.