Apple Giving Away Free Copies of JetPack Joyride

Apart from the weekly app sales we see from developers, there are other ways to get good deals on games. One way, for instance, is to go to Starbucks. If you don’t mind their coffee, the retailer gives away free apps to their customers.

But what if you don’t like coffee? Well then you could check Apple’s App Store Facebook site. According to TouchArcade, the company has started giving away free app promo codes to Facebook users that “Like” the App Store’s page…

Apple is currently giving away free promo codes to the popular Jetpack Joyride title. The game is normally $0.99 in the App Store, but you can grab it for free by visiting Here’s TouchArcade‘s explanation of the promotion:

“It’s the first of a new promotion process courtesy of Apple, and I can’t wait to see what else they end up giving away for free. Now, I’ve got no idea either how long this promotion is going to last, when it’s going to rotate to something else, and how many promo codes there are to give away…”

Seeing as how no one really knows how long this app giveaway is going to last, you may want to act fast. If you don’t want the game or already own it, it looks like you can give your free copy to someone else. Here’s hoping that Apple makes this a weekly or monthly event.

Did you grab your free copy?