WeeSpeeddial: Speeddial From Notification Center With Custom Contacts

A couple of days ago, we highlighted FavoriteContacts — a new jailbreak widget that allows you to dial, text, and email your favorite contacts, right from Notification Center.

Today, we bring you a similar tweak, with a few noticeable differences. Like FavoriteContacts, WeeSpeeddial allows you to dial contacts from Notification Center, but it relies on a custom set of contacts configured in a dedicated settings panel.

How does this tweak stack up to FavoriteContacts? Check out the video walkthrough inside…


The answer to that question is “not too well.” For one, WeeSpeeddial forces you to create a whole new set of “favorite” contacts, instead of just relying on the favorites you already have configured in your Phone app.

Secondly, unlike FavoriteContacts, you can only dial from WeeSpeeddial; as of this writing, there are no options to text or email.

While WeeSpeeddial is a competent jailbreak widget, FavoriteContacts is vastly more practical for anyone seeking to use it on a day-to-day basis.

Another point to note is that you can pick up FavoriteContacts for $1.00 on Cydia — $0.49 cheaper than the competition.

Which widget do you think you’ll prefer? Sound off in the comments below.