Apple Attempts to Block the Sales of Samsung Galaxy Products in Japan

The war of the copycats rages on, with Apple now looking to block sales of Samsung’s Galaxy series in Japan. After already filing a lawsuit against Samsung in the US, Australia, Europe, and even the company’s home turf in South Korea, Apple has demanded that a ban be put in place on the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones in Japan as well.

When will it ever end!

Reuters reports:

“Apple is seeking to ban sales of some Samsung Electronics gadgets in Japan, accusing its rival of violating patents relating to the iPhone and iPad, the latest salvo in a series of patent battles between the two companies.

Apple has filed a suit with the Tokyo District Court seeking the suspension of sales of Galaxy S and its sequel S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 in Japan, according to sources close to the matter. The first hearing was held on Wednesday, the source said.”

Apple is accusing Samsung of “slavishly” copying the design of the iPhone and iPad, and Cupertino company’s legal outfit isn’t about to stand down. While Apple and Samsung have been in the midst of countersuits for months, Apple is now seeking $1.3 million in damages (chump change) and the ban of Samsung’s Galaxy products in Japan.

Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor in the mobile space, and the Galaxy S and S II smartphones could pose a real threat to the iPhone if the markets adopt. The Galaxy tab was been well received, but, if Apple has its way, the tablet may never see the light of day again.

Japanese consumers favor Samsung, with the Galaxy S outselling the iPhone in Japan between the months of January and March.  In terms of the Japanese litigation, Samsung actually started the fight with a lawsuit against Apple in April. Apple recently countersued with the request to ban Galaxy sales.

Samsung and Apple are definitely the two top dogs globally in terms of smartphone vendors, so it will be interesting to see what the market looks like after all of these frivolous slap fights are done in court.