What’s On My iDevice? August 2011 Edition

So as usual, I’m a little behind on this last month’s What’s On My iDevice, but hopefully the wait was worth it.

You guys and gals know how I like to switch it up, and the August edition is no exception. Instead of focusing on jailbreak apps or tweaks, I give you a rundown of 5 essential App Store Apps that should be on every iPhone owner’s Home screen.

Inside, you’ll find an app that’s great for security, the absolute best iPhone Twitter client, a wonderfully designed “diary” app, and one of my absolute favorite iOS games of all time…


Here is a rundown of all of the apps I covered in this month’s edition:

If you don’t try anything else out of this list, at least try Match Panic. It’s great, I don’t think you’ll regret it. What’s your favorite app out of the bunch?