We’ve discussed several jailbreak utilities for Safari over the last few years, but Sleipnizer could be its new best friend. The package adds two major features to the option-starved browser.

Sleipnizer borrows its peculiar title and feature-set from a Japanse browser named Sleipnir. It installs into the native Safari application in iOS, and makes surfing the web with the native browser a little bit more fun…


As I just mentioned, the tweak consists of two features that it implements into Mobile Safari. The first one is an easier way to open up links, and the other is a set of 4 gestures that you can map to different browser functions.

The OpenTabBG+ option makes opening up a webpage in a new tab faster than ever. Simply hold your finger down on a link, and it opens in the background. All without interrupting your current browsing.

Sleipnizer’s other feature is a set of 4 gestures, which can be programmed to perform up to 18 actions. Go back a page, forward a page, and open and close tabs — all with on-screen gestures.

There’s something about bouncing around the web with screen swipes that makes browsing a bit more fun than usual, and for that alone you might want to check this out. The cool thing is, RestoreTab purchasers get a discount.

Sleipnizer is available in Cydia for $1.99. Have you tried it out yet?