GVIntegrated Integrates Google Voice into iOS Phone App

Jailbreak developers have seemingly been on a role over the last few weeks, producing top-notch tweaks like CallBar and Apptivator. Well the streak doesn’t seem to be over, as yet another quality utility has landed in Cydia.

GVIntegrated is an iPhone package that installs a Google Voice client into your native iPhone app. Once installed, users can initiate a Google Voice call from the iOS dial pad…

Frequent Google Voice users couldn’t ask for anything more convenient. GVIntegrated gives the popular VOIP service system-level access, so it can be used without the need of opening a 3rd party application. The developer Justin Williams explains:

“Unlike other Google Voice apps, GVIntegrated’s primary user interface is the same Phone application you already use. GVIntegrated allows you to specify which calling experience you prefer globally as well as per contact.”

There is no springboard icon for GVIntegrated, all of the options can be configured through the Settings app. You can setup each contact to default to either your wireless carrier or the Google Voice service, or you can just decide between the 2 upon dialing.

If you use Google Voice a lot, or would if you didn’t have to bother with a 3rd party application, you might want to check out GVIntegrated. Add this utility to something like SMS GV Extension, and you can use the VoIP service natively for both phone calls and text messages.

GVIntegrated will run you $2.00 and is available in Cydia via the BigBoss repo.

Have you tried GVIntegrated? Thoughts?